Asset Inspection
and Monitoring SystemTM

Manage your assets faster and more effectively with highly accurate, precise geospatial datasets.

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More than 125 electric and gas utilities of all sizes across the globe use AiDash

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Reduction in digital twin
creation timelines
Faster network
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Merge datasets
for a more
accurate picture 

Asset health 

Visualize and maintain

Generate precise views for asset management

Conflate data from across utility assets for on-target planning. Avoid design and safety issues from inaccurate GIS readings. Reduce costs, complexities, and manpower needs with heightened accuracy: 


  • Overlay asset GIS data with aerial, ground, and satellite imagery.
  • Create highly accurate and precise geospatial datasets.
  • Maintain accurate and high-quality network data.

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Visualize digital twins and prioritize asset health

AIMS seamlessly exchanges accurate geospatial data with network design systems and advanced distribution management systems. With near-perfect digital twins, the system provides accurate visualization of current asset status. Best-practice asset management starts with correct data.

  • Manage full asset life cycle — maintain repair and improvement history, prioritize health, adopt condition-based maintenance.
  • Spot defective assets — leaning or cross-arm poles, nonfunctioning lights.
  • Minimize difference between as-designed and as-built networks.
  • Reduce network creation timelines by 70%. 
Visualize digital twins and prioritize asset health

Improve operational efficiencies for right place, right time responses

No need to fly drones or planes to capture and update imagery. AIMS cost-effectively creates a near perfect digital twin of your network for efficient, informed decision-making — avoiding misdirects to field workers from inaccurate geolocations.

  • Identify unhealthy assets and safety concerns.
  • Direct field crews to exact asset locations requiring maintenance or repair.
  • Support accurate network connectivity for grids to improve reliability.
Improve operational efficiencies for right place, right time responses