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Create a greener, cleaner, safer planet from space

Core industries have billions of distributed assets and spend hundreds of billions of dollars on operations, maintenance, and sustainability. In fact, in the U.S. alone, power utilities themselves spend $200 billion annually on operations and maintenance.

But core industries lose billions of dollars every year due to complex factors affecting these distributed assets because they are:

Hyperconnected and geographically dispersed

Affected by weather and surroundings

Aging, along with experienced people in the workforce

Subject to complex regulatory compliance

Core industries continue to lose billions of dollars every year

Risks and liabilities​

$30 billion

One utility’s liabilities from a year of wildfires.

$119 million

Payment by a gas utility to government entities for a gas leak.

Revenue loss

$33 billion

Revenue loss due to U.S. power outages.

$30 billion

Global revenue loss due to natural gas leaks.

Wasted capex

$303 billion

Cost of corrosion in U.S. industries.

$80 billion

Insured losses due to climate.



Improve grid reliability by 10%.

Reduce O&M expenses by 20%.

Reduce land and air sustainability costs by 70%-90%.

Reduce storm-related power outages by 15%.

Realize ROI from Year 1 of deployment.

Reduce inspection costs by 20%-30%.



Why AiDash?

Revolutionize operations, maintenance, and sustainability

Access continual, near-real-time streams of critical data for utilities, energy, mining, and other core industries.

Make more informed decisions and optimize long-term plans.

Reduce costs, transform reliability, and achieve sustainability goals.

Where we came from:

Monitor geographically distributed assets remotely

Founded by serial entrepreneurs in 2019.

Saw that satellites and AI could transform remote monitoring of geographically distributed assets.

Identified electric utilities’ critical need for more effective vegetation management.

Expanded scope quickly to deliver unique insights to all core industries.


How three entrepreneurs were driven to use satellites and AI to transform core industries and the world.


Where we’re going:

Create a greener, cleaner, safer planet from space

Strengthen industries’ resilience, reliability, and recovery.

Expand and deepen data and analysis for vegetation, storms, wildfires, resources, and workforces.

Prepare core industries to understand how climate change and local ecosystems affect their distributed assets.

Transform sustainability initiatives with accurate results metrics.

AiDash point of view

Existing software systems and traditional solutions have failed to transform operations, maintenance, and sustainability for core industries. But the AiDash platform uses satellite analytics and AI to monitor assets at scale and empower our full-stack, vertical SaaS solution.


From the C-suite to the field, AiDash shows you the what, when, and where of your assets in one place.


AiDash provides granular data you can actually use to take the highest impact steps at the right time.


Reduce risk, avoid penalties and easily report to regulators, investors, and other stakeholders.

AiDash vision

To create a greener, cleaner, safer planet from space.

AiDash mission

Our mission is to revolutionize operations, maintenance, and sustainability for core industries using satellites and AI.

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