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America’s Top GreenTech Companies 2024

Coming in 19th place overall, AiDash stands out as one of the few climate software players chosen for Time Magazine’s list of America’s Top GreenTech Companies 2024. We are extremely proud to be named as one of the 250 companies reducing environmental impact.

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Forbes 2024 America’s Best Startup Employers

Two years running: 2023 and 2024

AiDash was ranked 5th among technology companies and 51st overall. To select winners, Forbes evaluated 3,000 privately-held companies headquartered in the U.S. that employ more than 50 people and were founded between 2014 and 2021.

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When you join us, you’re joining our vision to create a greener, cleaner, safer planet — for everyone — from space.

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Your concepts, your perspectives, your opinions, your creativity.

Bring it all the table.

That’s when the best ideas happen.

Balance work with life

We get it. We all have complex lives.

You’ll need personal time for the things that matter.

You’ll have it.

Make it sustainable

It’s better for corporations, for us, for our world.

You’ll help us drive the climate technology solutions that make it happen.

Get world-class rewards

For the value you bring, we give back big:

Top-of-the-industry compensation.

Comprehensive benefits.

And oh, those perks: ESOPs, for starters.

Be disruptive

Fueling transformation is heady stuff. Are you game?

It’s time for unique, atypical takes on age-old issues.

Come help us shake it up with tech for a better tomorrow.

Count on inclusivity

We like our workplace vibrant and effective.

To make that happen we are open, empathetic, respectful, and supportive.

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