Satellite-powered Artificial Intelligence for core industries

Our AI dashboard combines the power of disparate data sources, case-specific AI models, and cognitive apps with seamless integration. The result is an enterprise solution that optimizes operations, resolves business pain points and delivers rapid ROI.

Monitor your assets from multiple vantage points

AiDash works on disparate data sets from multiple sources to give you the whole picture. From satellite surveillance to ground reports, our platform assimilates massive data to deliver smarter insights.

Primary: Satellites

Optical (single and multi-band/ multi-spectral), Synthetic Aperture Radar

Secondary: Ground Truth

Smartphones, on-road vehicle mounted devices, hand-held/ pre-installed sensors

AI data sets

Building intelligent data sets using Artificial Intelligence

Better business decisions powered by a smarter system

Our AI algorithms are case-specific, pre-trained and innovative. They can pluck relevant insights from historic data and convert that into the best plan of action for the Operations and Management team.



Core Asset Management Capabilities


Vegetation growth along Right of Way (RoW) of power lines, oil and gas pipelines, roads and railways

Identification and Classification

Accurate classification of assets and items in the area of interest (AoI)

Anomaly Detection

Real-time identification of hazards, corrosion, defects and any other problems related to the asset  

Business Benefits


  • Early warning system
    Unforeseen geographic activity is quickly picked up and notified to the admins
  • Data integrity
    All the data is foolproof and secured on cloud for uncompromisable integrity
  • Smart recommendations
    AiDash uses actionable insights to make the right recommendations at the right time
  • Predictive analytics
    AI crunches all the historical data to provide an accurate vision of the future
  • Dynamic and customizable
    The AiDash system is customizable and can be tailored for any industry
  • Central operations cockpit
    Data, recommendations, analytics and more are available to you on a single cockpit

Are you ready to transform your operations and maintenance activities?