Satellite Analytics: Transforming Vegetation Management for Electric Utilities

24th May, 21

As the resolution of satellite imagery increases along with the breadth and accuracy of analytics capabilities, the range of opportunities provided by remote sensing in utilities and oil & gas industries continue to rise too. Many tasks carried out by manual inspections, Earth-based sensors, or even imaging from helicopters may become obsolete.

Webinar: Vegetation Management Using Satellite Analytics

30th Apr, 21

 Vegetation management needs to be reimagined and re-evaluated. Why have earlier methods failed to derive expected results? What have utilities been doing wrong? Watch this webinar and learn how satellite analytics is enabling utilities to keep the lights on, delivering greater reliability scores and measurably improving SAIFI, SAIDI and CAIDI scores. 

Webinar: Wildfire and Risk Mitigation Using Satellite Analytics: Avista's Journey

26th Apr, 21

Satellite technology is empowering utilities with wildfire mitigation capabilities like none other. While drones and LiDAR technology fail to deliver desired results, leveraging high-resolution satellite imagery paired with Artificial Intelligence is making it possible for utilities to identify wildfire risks in advance, with a focus on vegetation clearance along the electric infrastructure.

Webinar: "How emerging technologies are enabling vegetation management"

23rd Sep, 20

This month, AiDash partnered with DISTRIBUTECH+ Series for their Grid Resiliency: Planning and Response Event for an insightful webinar session. As disasters take a toll over utility infrastructure due to climate change, now is just the right time for power utilities to make use of technology and innovation to transform the way vegetation management works.

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