Edison International Joins AiDash Series B Funding Round

Kelsie Anderson

As 2021 winds down, we find ourselves in the wake of a record-breaking number of severe climate disasters. With wildfires, storms, floods and droughts becoming more frequent, it’s increasingly clear that mitigating and adapting to climate change requires global solutions. At AiDash, we’re doing our part to provide those solutions by expanding our utility vegetation management,  disaster management, and sustainability management offerings with the $27M in Series B funding we secured this fall. 


As such, we’re thrilled to announce an investment from Edison International as part of our Series B funding round, led by G2 Venture Partners with participation from BGV and National Grid Partners. The true value of these investors lies in the strategic partnerships they represent, which will level up AiDash’s ability to expand internationally, develop new innovative products and hire new talent. 


A representative from Edison International will serve as an observer on the AiDash board and assist us in furthering our mission to help organizations solve complex operations and maintenance problems—which are only exacerbated by climate change—through satellite and AI technology. 


“California is experiencing more extreme weather, accompanied by a significant risk of wildfires,” said Sergej Mahnovski, Edison International’s Managing Director of Strategy, Technology, and Innovation. “Our venture team seeks ways to support the development of technologies to counteract the wildfire threat exacerbated by climate change and to improve grid safety and resiliency, in addition to helping California and the U.S. achieve their carbon neutrality goals by supporting category-defining startups in clean energy, electrification, and the future grid.”

What these investments mean for AiDash and core industries

These valuable investments fuel AiDash’s already accelerating momentum, promising a future where sustainability is a priority, disasters are preventable, and even more organizations are broken out of the rusty time capsule that is manual vegetation and hazard assessment. 


Proof of this promise is in the numbers: Over the last year, we’ve grown our customer count sixfold, and now have over 35 customers based in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada, spanning the utilities, energy, transportation, water and wastewater, mining, and construction industries. 


Our Series B investments propel us into a new chapter of growth, including expanding our incredible team. Our employees continue to amaze me with their depth of expertise and their passion for solving critical problems in core industries. AiDash currently has five times as many employees compared to when we closed our Series A funding round in October 2020, and we’re hiring to ramp that number up. (Check out our careers page!)


Ultimately, the genesis of a world where every core industry uses satellite technology and AI to adapt to climate change depends on collaboration and support from key stakeholders across industries. Edison International understands that. We’re confident their investment will allow us to increase the rate at which AiDash is evolving and work towards helping as many companies as possible tackle the issues of sustainability and disaster management when it comes to geographically distributed assets.