Improve disaster response
and resilience with satellite analytics

Accelerate disaster response, plan disaster recovery strategy in advance and carry out immediate post-disaster management with AiDash Disaster and Disruption Management System (DDMS). 


Mitigate risks and sustain resiliency with the help of real-time images of disaster-prone regions. DDMS gathers high-resolution multispectral and SAR satellite data of the area of interest before and after the event and runs them on its AI platform to determine the damages to help make informed decisions.


Prepare for disasters with real-time area monitoring

Frequent high-intensity disasters have caused large-scale disruptions to utilities in recent years. From storms and hurricanes to floods and wildfires, there’s little one can do to stop them. But utilities can be armed with situational awareness and data to plan and prepare for disasters in advance. Here’s how:


Disaster monitoring and vegetation health

Gain complete visibility and situational awareness of the affected area including utility infrastructure, detect type and health of vegetation as well as possible hazards.


Mapping and risk assessment for preparedness

Identify, prepare and plan for potential threats and emergencies by analyzing high-resolution multispectral and SAR imagery; and respond rapidly to events as they occur.

Post-storm damage

Impact and damage assessment

Compare pre- and post-disaster damage to assess the impact of the disaster, followed by prioritization of response based on accessibility and criticality of damages.

Disaster Response

Intelligence for disaster response and resource deployment

Prioritize damage response and restoration using intelligence received from AiDash DDMS; evaluate access to critical infrastructure and customers affected in the region and deploy resources accordingly.

Understanding how AiDash DDMS works

AiDash Disaster and Disruption Management System is an AI-powered system that uses very high-resolution multispectral and SAR imagery to offer on-demand data before, during and after disasters.

Pre- and post-damage images allow situational awareness of the exact location that includes information on the vegetation, utility infrastructure, and property in the area. This data is mapped against the weather and temperature data as well as archived and historic data of the vegetation in the region to predict the extent of damages. With AiDash DDMS, utilities can implement:

  • Pre-disaster planning and enforcement

    With information on when and where the disaster will strike, our AI model with its predictive capabilities can identify the extent of damage based on the location, allowing utilities to plan and prepare in advance.

  • Immediate post-disaster management

    The first 72 hours are the most critical. Evaluate accessibility to infrastructure and get started with immediate post-disaster power restoration and response. Assign tasks and stay connected with contractors and field agents via a mobile app.

  • Long-term post-disaster restoration

    Disaster restoration of utility infrastructure and cleanup can take weeks or even months. AiDash DDMS continues to provide images of affected areas that need attention.

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