Predict, plan, prioritize with AiDash
Intelligent Vegetation Management System

AiDash Intelligent Vegetation Management System (IVMS) uses high-resolution multispectral satellite images combined with on-ground reports to provide increased visibility on the overgrowth of vegetation around transmission and distribution grids.

Business Benefits

Real-time identification of risks

Satellite imagery combined with AI enables you to objectively identify vegetation risks and reliability impact at any spot, any time. Now prioritize tasks and spend every dollar wisely.

Zoomed-in actions for individual trees

Each tree species has a different growth pattern. No need to trim 20-mile circuit lengths together. Trim and pay for only what’s needed, while leveraging geo-clustering for efficiency.

Plan your O&M activities years in advance

Our AI models predict vegetation growth up to 5 years in advance – creating plans for cycle and mid-cycle trims, hazard tree removals and herbicides.

Engage and enable your field force

Our mobile app helps vegetation operators report, prioritize and execute from the field, unlocking their productivity while digitizing vegetation workflow end-to-end.

Seamless app-based contractor management

We offer you a single platform to plan, collaborate with contractors and track results. Our satellite-based job quality measurement allows you to remotely inspect trim jobs.

Your space-age data center

Vegetation data

  • Temperature
  • Rainfall
  • Species
  • Soil

Field inputs

  • Survey data
  • Visual inspection

Remote sensing

  • Satellite
  • Multispectral

Revolutionize your O&M
activities via a single, unified platform

IVMS enables companies to quickly and accurately process huge and complex inputs from geo-spatial and time-based datasets. You can monitor the entire service territory for vegetation overgrowth to predict and identify power lines infringement.

Our system uses rigorous artificial intelligence models to identify vegetation management activities, assess risk, and measure task completion for compliance and reliability.

  • Step 1

    IVMS models location, weather, soil and tree species to identify and classify vegetation management tasks.

  • Step 2

    These tasks are then prioritized as routine, preventive, or on-demand tasks

  • Step 3

    Assignment and execution is tracked and managed with mobile app

  • Step 4

    IVMS optimizes future decision-making by combining field inputs, vegetation data, and pre-trained models for growth rate, trim cycles and labor hours


Why choose AiDash IVMS?

  • Zero dependency on legacy data

    We don’t need any of your pre-existing, clean data to make our system work. Just tell us where your assets (GIS) are and we will get started.

  • One platform for all data types

    Our AI platform can incorporate any existing data you have — aerial imagery, field surveys, and more — to build upon what you already know

  • User-centric design

    1000+ hours of utility operators’ experience and design inputs have gone into making IVMS, which is how it offers an easy, intuitive experience to users

  • Plug-and-play software

    IVMS is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product. This means no integration hassles with legacy IT systems. If you still want integration, we offer connectors that seamlessly link with your existing systems.

Are you ready to transform your
vegetation management with satellite technology?