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Entergy’s Journey to Success: Satellite-Powered Vegetation Management


Netze BW realizes high accuracy with satellite and AI vegetation assessments

  • Company: Entergy
  • Solution:   AiDash Intelligent Vegetation Management System™ (IVMSTM)


Learn how Entergy achieved its lowest CI levels in its history for 2 consecutive years despite flat budgets.

Hear how Entergy beat its reliability (Veg SAIFI) targets by over 30% for 2020 and 2021 despite flat vegetation management budgets.

Learn how nearly 125 other utilities already use satellites and AI to reduce expenses by 20% and improve reliability by 10%

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“In year one we eclipsed all (SAIFI) targets for all operating companies after we implemented IVMS. In year two we performed better than the previous year and still eclipsed all targets across the board. That was for us, very positive results.”
Heath Williams
Senior Analyst, Vegetation Management,



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AiDash is an AI-first vertical SaaS company on a mission to transform operations, maintenance, and sustainability in industries with geographically distributed assets by using satellites and AI at scale. With access to a continual, near real-time streams of critical data, utilities, energy, transportation, water and wastewater and other core industries can make more informed decisions and build optimized long-term plans, all while reducing costs, improving reliability, and achieving sustainability goals. To learn more about how AiDash is helping core industries become more resilient, efficient, and sustainable, visit

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