AiDash CTO Rahul Saxena Interviewed for Forbes India Podcast

Kelsie Anderson

Our CTO and co-founder, Rahul Saxena, was featured in an episode of Forbes India’s podcast, “Startup Fridays,” hosted by Harichandan Arakali.


“Startup Fridays” features startup entrepreneurs who are working on solving many of the world’s problems through innovative business solutions.


As CTO and co-founder of AiDash, Rahul leads our tech operations and works with our product and engineering teams to help us create useful, groundbreaking solutions that help our customers.

Highlights from Rahul’s interview

Rahul covers many topics in this “Startup Fridays” episode, including his entrepreneurial journey, the founding of AiDash, and lessons learned from working with multiple startups. Check out a summary of the things we loved hearing Rahul talk about in his interview.

Coming up with the idea for AiDash

Rahul was looking for a new business venture, as was Abhishek Singh, another AiDash co-founder and now AiDash’s CEO. The two knew artificial intelligence (AI) for business was hitting its maturity curve, so they started looking into use cases. Along with Nitin Das (the last AiDash co-founder), they eventually hit on helping utilities with vegetation management. They built a platform, ran a pilot with a large utility in the U.S., and AiDash Intelligent Vegetation Management System (IVMS) was born.


The team decided to focus on building a platform that could help utilities do vegetation management really well, becoming a category leader in the industry. They were then able to create new products, like the Intelligent Sustainability Management System (ISMS), which leveraged their knowledge of AI, satellite analytics, and asset management to help organizations manage landholdings sustainably.

What’s next for AiDash

The founding team started AiDash in bootstrap mode, but we recently secured Series B funding from a number of notable investors. So AiDash is largely looking to hit our targets and maintain our status as category leaders in vegetation management.


We also recently opened an office in London, which aligns with our goals to expand in Europe and Asia. We’re looking forward to continuing to operate as a global team and (eventually) serving customers on every continent.


Finally, we’re excited to keep building on our existing products, as well as create new use cases for our platform when we find innovative opportunities to better serve our customers.
How learning from previous ventures helped build a new, better organization
One of Rahul’s biggest takeaways from founding other startups was the importance of joining a founding team with a number of different strengths. While Abhishek brought deep sales and marketing knowledge to the team, Rahul brought experience with running complex enterprise tech operations, and Nitin is “a hardcore data scientist.”


Combining everyone’s varied experiences and skills allowed AiDash to scale quickly, even while building a suite of deep-domain products.

Listen to the full podcast episode

Rahul had many other insights about entrepreneurship, building startups, and creating innovative products. To hear everything he had to say, you can listen to the full interview on Spotify or on Forbes.