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AiDash to speak at Utility Analytics Institute’s UA Week 2021 with United Power co-op

Kelsie Anderson

Discussing how utilities can embrace change and leverage satellite analytics and AI to decrease costs, improve reliability metrics, and increase safety for team members and consumers

AiDash will speak on the importance of critical data insights for utilities of all sizes at Utility Analytics Institute’s UA Week conference in Dallas, Texas. The conference takes place Oct. 13–15, 2021.

Speaking Engagement Details

AiDash’s senior manager of customer success, Jordan Jozak, will be joined by United Power’s vegetation management and construction project specialist, Holly Woodings. They’ll deliver a talk entitled “AiDash: Transforming United Power’s Vegetation Management with Satellite Technology,” on Friday, October 15, at 9:45 AM (CT).

In this session, they’ll discuss how United Power has used AiDash Intelligent Vegetation Management System (IVMS) to better plan their vegetation management (VM) activities, increase reliability and decrease VM costs.


Utility Analytics Week 2021 In-person Session

About United Power

United Power is one of AiDash’s customers. They are a member-owned, not-for-profit electric cooperative, delivering electricity to homes, farms, and businesses throughout Colorado’s northern front range.

The cooperative is one of the fastest-growing electric cooperatives in the nation, and in June joined the elite ranks of cooperatives serving more than 100,000 meters. The 900 square mile service territory extends from the mountains of Coal Creek and Golden Gate Canyon, along the I-25 corridor and Carbon Valley region, to the farmlands of Brighton, Hudson and Keenesburg.

For more information about the cooperative, visit their website or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram.

IVMS: bringing co-ops into the future

AiDash IVMS combines high-resolution, multispectral satellite images with on-ground reports to provide increased visibility on the overgrowth of vegetation around transmission and distribution grids. AiDash’s platform pulls critical operations and maintenance data points into one centralized system. Its proprietary AI models identify and leverage crucial data points such as tree growth rates, historic weather data, and the location of transmission and distribution lines to help utilities optimize their vegetation management programs.

“It’s important for the utility industry to embrace change. Leveraging satellite technology, AI, and data to optimize our vegetation management program, save money, and strengthen our wildfire mitigation plans with AiDash’s platform is all part of United Power’s plan to look toward the future. It’s one more key point to stay ahead of the game. And it’s important for utilities, regardless of their size, to be able to embrace technology,” said Woodings.

Tune in to our talk at UA Week to learn more about United Power’s journey with IVMS

Be sure to stop by to hear Jordan and Holly speak at UA Week on Friday, October 15, at 9:45 AM (CT).

If you can’t attend the in-person session, don’t worry. AiDash and United Power will also be broadcasting their talk during the virtual session of UA Week, which will take place Dec. 8–9, 2021.

You can learn more about the conference and register for both the in-person and virtual sessions by clicking the button below.

For more information on AiDash, United Power and UA Week, you can read our press release.