AiDash Acquires Business and Assets of

Kelsie Anderson

Following our plan of action after the close of our Series B funding in September 2021, AiDash continues to grow.


As part of our mission to revolutionize operations, maintenance, and sustainability for core industries, we’ve acquired, a geospatial- and AI-powered farming solutions provider. As part of the acquisition, we’re excited to welcome two new team members who will help us strengthen our product line.


Understanding farms, farmlands, and agriculture is key to unlocking powerful satellite-powered sustainability capabilities. The ability to measure the carbon quality of soil from space, for example, will help us strengthen our Intelligent Sustainability Management System (ISMS) offering.


Bhavesh Patidar, co-founder and leader of the start-up’s data science innovations, will focus on strengthening AiDash’s new solution, Disaster and Disruptions Management System (DDMS).’s head of research and development, Dr. Anil Singh, will join AiDash as a remote sensing scientist.


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