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How To Reduce Your Disaster Risk With Satellite Imagery and AI

11th Aug, 22

This webinar was broadcast on July 28, 2022 and is now available for on-demand viewing



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AiDash Discusses Top 10 Spanish Provinces at The Highest Risk of Fires in Eco Magazine

11th Aug, 22
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With analysis of the latest satellite data and AI models using inputs like vegetation health, surface temperature, drought and more, AiDash predicts the Top 10 Spanish provinces at the highest risk of fires.


National Grid's former COO spent over 30 years with the utility working to shape a clean energy future

8th Aug, 22
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SAN JOSE, Calif. August 9, 2022 — AiDash, a leading provider of satellite and AI-powered operations, maintenance, and sustainability solutions, today announced the appointment of Chris Kelly, former Chief Operating Officer of National Grid, to its advisory board.

2022 State of North American Utilities: Best Practices and What's Next

27th Jul, 22
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2022 may be the hardest year for utilities in recent memory.

Inflationary pressures, regulatory pressures, climate change, sustainability pledges, liability concerns — you have a lot of issues to contend with.

Disaster Talks: How To Prevent Wildfires for Electric Utilities

27th Jul, 22

Since 2002, 1 out of every 8 acres in California has been burned by wildfire. That’s like if 1/8 of New Jersey down to Georgia suddenly caught fire. 


This is only worsened by record droughts (2021 was Californias 2nd driest year on record), climate change, and aging infrastructure.  

AiDash Announces Massive ARR and New Customer Growth in Q2 2022

25th Jul, 22
In Q2, the climate-tech company expanded into new geographies and extended offerings beyond electric utilities to gas utilities, oil & gas, transportation, and water & wastewater companies.

Santa Clara, Calif. - AiDash, a leading provider of satellite and AI-powered operations, maintenance, and sustainability solutions, today announced a record-breaking Q2 2022, with the company experiencing about 3x growth year over year in annual recurring revenue (ARR) and number of customers compared to Q2 2021.

Satellite and Innovative Solutions With Gary Huntley

22nd Jul, 22
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Podcast Season 1

Disaster Talks: How Utilities Can Mitigate the Accelerating Risks of Hazard Trees

14th Jul, 22

It’s not like hazard trees — trees with age, fire, or disease defects — haven’t always been a concern to utilities. 


The issue today is their exponential increase, which is largely fueled by climate change. 


Satellite Vegetation Management With Jordan Jozak

29th Jun, 22
Podcast Season 1

Satellite Vegetation Management With Jordan Jozak

Episode 3 | AiDash | 

Five Steps for Faster Utility Storm Response

29th Jun, 22

The quest for all electric utilities is simple. Keep the lights on for the communities you serve.


Getting that done, however, is anything but simple.


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