Webinar: Wildfire and Risk Mitigation Using Satellite Analytics: Avista's Journey

Satellite technology is empowering utilities with wildfire mitigation capabilities like none other. While drones and LiDAR technology fail to deliver desired results, leveraging high-resolution satellite imagery paired with Artificial Intelligence is making it possible for utilities to identify wildfire risks in advance, with a focus on vegetation clearance along the electric infrastructure.

In this session, AiDash along with their customer, Avista, have discussed the real-world implementation of satellite analytics to mitigate the increasing cases of utility-caused wildfires in the US.

Watch the session and find out:

  • Satellites in, Drones & LiDAR out – Why?
  • Satellite and AI Models – Making wildfire mitigation possible, precise and cost-effective
  • Customer Speaks – Avista's journey 


Dave  David James
  Wildfire Resiliency Plan Manager

Brad  Bradley Smith
  Sr. Director, Operations & Sales

The webinar was live-streamed on April 28, 2021 on the T&D World Power Up Virtual Series: Wildfire & Risk Mitigation

Are you ready to transform your vegetation management with satellite technology?