Vegetation management best practices 2021: An e-book


Power companies are in business to provide safe, reliable and affordable electric service to their customers 24/7. But this wasn’t so easy in 2020, after all. 2020 proved to be one of the most devastating and challenging years in history for power utilities – with disasters and large-scale weather events tearing through utility infrastructure, causing massive outages and impacting resiliency.

Can we do more to improve system reliability and resiliency? As we step into the new year, this is a vital question that needs to be discussed at the boardroom level in every utility company and acted upon urgently. Weather events and vegetation are the leading contributors to utility outages. Adopting the right technology to fight the right challenges can go a long way in adding value to business continuity plans, improving reliability, and reducing costs.

It is now possible to predict the extent of damage to weather events or disasters or even having complete information of tree height, health, species, growth patterns, and distance from feeders along T&D networks. With all this information at your disposal, it will be easier to make informed decisions by putting risk analysis and business continuity planning in conjunction with an overall efficiency of carrying out operations and maintenance activities all year round.

This e-book talks about the emerging technologies that can bring a revolution in utility O&M activities, particularly vegetation management. Get introduced to the 3Rs — Reimagine, Replace, Reduce — to kickstart your vegetation management action plan in 2021.

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