Case Study

Fortune 500 energy company identifies 400+ impactful opportunities to reduce greenhouse gases with AiDash


Surveyed entire country in 1 day
Identified 442 sustainability opportunities
Analyzed sites in days, not months

Climate technology shows where clean power can be put to work — fast

Company: Fortune 500 Energy Company
Location: U.S. Southeast
Solution: Intelligent Sustainability Management System (ISMS)


Help clients solve sustainability challenges

Sustainability, on a planet where the UN reports that over 1 million species are at risk of extinction, is understandably top-of-mind for this Fortune 500 energy company and its clients. Hurdles on the way to this goal include:

  • Inconsistent and narrow sustainability reporting.
  • Gaps in GHG greenhouse gas reporting.
  • Prohibitive costs of land analyses and planning for solar.
  • Emerging environmental policies that add pressure to sustainability efforts.

This energy company wanted to identify the best GHG reduction projects for its clients across geographically spread land parcels. First, it needed to survey and identify land pockets suitable for installing clean power projects. Where could the company direct clients to improve carbon offsetting and biodiversity while moving toward sustainability with solar sites?


Land survey module identifies potential solar sites

The company selected AiDash Intelligent Sustainability Management System (ISMS), which provides satellite mapping and self-learning AI models to survey available land parcels. ISMS measures all environmental factors quickly, quantifies emissions, identifies enhancements to restore thriving habitats, and enables a better, more precise evaluation of sites and locations. By efficiently identifying potential solar sites, the solution helps the company and its clients to move toward more sustainable operations and:

  • Quantify carbon, biodiversity, and natural capital metrics.
  • Consider land orientation, elevation, and area weather patterns.
  • Reduce time needed for site analyses from days to months.
  • Implement individual sustainability development goals (SDGs).


Ready-for-solar — and more — evaluations

The AiDash climate tech solution champions biodiversity with climate mitigation in mind. It helped this environmentally conscious organization with large land and water assets to lay the groundwork for carbon offsetting.

  • Surveyed the entire country in a day.
  • Identified 442 total clean energy opportunities, including 377 solar, 47 hydrogen, and 12 carbon capture and storage.
  • Set plans to reduce land and air sustainability costs by 70% to 90%.
  • Confirmed net-zero carbon and biodiversity gains on target for 2030.
  • Created a step-by-step action plan — from initial opportunity through proposal, deal completion and onward.
  • Consolidated measurement, planning, operations management, and reporting on a single platform.

The solution also assists in additional use cases: for example, determining wind power potential by combining satellite and historic wind data with other parameters, such as elevation and obstacles.



About AiDash  

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