Decoding the “intelligent” in AiDash Intelligent Vegetation Management System


Vegetation management has always been a challenging task for utilities. Over the years, large-scale power outages, extreme weather events, wildfires, natural disasters and other vegetation-related hazards have increased, thereby multiplying pressure on utilities — increasing costs and affecting system reliability. How can these challenges be solved?

AiDash Intelligent Vegetation Management System (IVMS), powered by satellite analytics and AI, is changing the scenario for power utilities in the U.S. IVMS uses high-resolution multispectral satellite imagery combined with ground data to effectively plan trim cycle, hazard tree management and other activities. The module detects clearance, dimensions, species and geo-location of vegetation growing alongside the rights of way of T&D networks. The system also calculates the impact of not clearing vegetation hazards and the probability score of potential disruptions, thus allowing ground operators to work in a prioritized and intelligent manner. One of the biggest advantages of AiDash IVMS is the capability to remotely monitor and survey the entire network.

What’s more? AiDash IVMS enables utilities to reduce vegetation costs by 20% and improve reliability by 15%. Intrigued? Watch the video to learn more.