Realising biodiversity net gain with AiDash: A streamlined, data-driven approach


Biodiversity net gain (BNG) is an innovative approach rapidly gaining global recognition as a vital strategy for ecosystem rejuvenation. Simply defined, BNG ensures that habitats for wildlife post development are healthier and more robust than they were pre development. This ambitious objective tilts the balance towards a resurgent natural environment, embodying a potent response to environmental degradation.

Recognising the critical need for robust technological solutions to facilitate the realisation of these targets, as mandated by the UK’s Environment Act 2021, AiDash has created a pioneering solution called AiDash Biodiversity Net Gain Management System (BNGAI™) that streamlines the management, measurement, and reporting of BNG. This article explores the concept of BNG and delves into how AiDash technology can be a game-changer in this domain.

Deep diving into biodiversity net gain

BNG sits at the heart of a paradigm shift in our approach to the environment, pushing the envelope from merely conserving biodiversity to actively enhancing it. It’s an integral part of land development plans, ensuring that, in the midst of our drive for progress, we don’t lose sight of the value of nature. More than that, BNG fosters a vision of progress that includes nature recovery and promotes a more sustainable use of resources.

A diverse range of stakeholders — land managers, developers, local planning authorities, and more — play key roles in implementing BNG. It’s a multidimensional challenge, involving the understanding of complex ecological interconnections, managing regulatory requirements, planning development projects with BNG in mind, and communicating BNG achievements effectively to stakeholders.

AiDash’s ground-breaking solution

Into this challenging landscape, AiDash introduces BNGAI™ for organisations aiming to hit and exceed their BNG targets. This system not only simplifies the management, measurement, and reporting of BNG, but it also creates a road map for organisations to follow in their journey towards sustainability.

1. Planning and management:

Navigating the intricate terrain of BNG begins with detailed, well-thought-out planning and management, and this is where AiDash stands out with BNGAI™. It leverages artificial intelligence to provide you with data-driven action plans, ensuring that your projects are not just approved, but also contribute meaningfully to achieving BNG objectives. BNGAI™ ensures that biodiversity considerations are integrated from the onset of project planning, guiding your decisions to align with your BNG targets.

2. Baseline, assessment, and monitoring:

Understanding the biodiversity value of a piece of land is central to managing BNG. But traditional ways of conducting biodiversity assessments can be time-consuming and potentially subjective. With BNGAI™, AiDash introduces a paradigm shift by employing the power of satellite technology. It offers a rapid and robust way to baseline, assess, and monitor biodiversity on your land. No longer do you need to wait for months to understand the ecological value of your land; BNGAI™ can supply a detailed, accurate assessment in days. It takes the guesswork out of ecological surveys, offering a streamlined, objective approach to biodiversity assessment.

3. Reporting on BNG goals:

Being accountable for BNG objectives means being able to effectively track performance, report on results, and maintain compliance. This can be a complex task, involving the collection, management, and analysis of large volumes of data. BNGAI™ offers a unified solution to make this process easier. Its reporting tool not only helps you track your progress towards your BNG goals but also packages your results in a comprehensive, easy-to-understand format that meets regulatory requirements. The result? Transparent, accurate reporting that effectively communicates your BNG achievements to stakeholders.

4. Cost and efficiency benefits:

Achieving BNG goals doesn’t need to come with a hefty price tag. In fact, BNGAI™ has been proven to reduce operational sustainability costs by up to 75%, and it can assess 100% of sites in just days, not months. This efficiency and cost-effectiveness make it a vital tool in your arsenal as you strive to hit and exceed your BNG goal.


BNG is an essential strategy for ensuring the resilience of our natural world in the face of relentless development. As we work towards these goals, it’s imperative that we harness the power of technology to make our efforts more effective and efficient. AiDash’s BNGAI™ offers a comprehensive, innovative solution that can play a pivotal role in achieving BNG targets. As more than 150 companies already trust AiDash, it’s clear that a data-driven approach to BNG is not just the future, but the present of sustainable land development.

FAQs Section

1. What is biodiversity net gain (BNG)?

Biodiversity net gain is a strategy that ensures that habitats for wildlife are healthier and more diverse post development than they were prior to development. It’s a proactive approach that focuses on improving the state of nature rather than just conserving it.

2. Who are the primary stakeholders involved in BNG?

Key stakeholders in BNG include land managers, developers, and local planning authorities. Each plays a significant role in implementing and maintaining BNG.

3. How does BNGAI™ help in planning and managing BNG?

BNGAI™ uses artificial intelligence to provide data-driven action plans for projects. This helps ensure that projects are approved and contribute meaningfully to BNG goals. It assists in integrating biodiversity considerations right from the start of project planning.

4. How does BNGAI™ speed up biodiversity assessment?

BNGAI™ leverages the power of satellite technology to provide a quick and accurate assessment of the biodiversity value of a piece of land. It eliminates the time-consuming traditional methods of conducting biodiversity assessments, supplying accurate data in just a matter of days.

5. How does BNGAI™ simplify the reporting of BNG goals?

BNGAI™ provides a unified system that helps to effectively track performance, report results, and maintain compliance with BNG objectives. It makes the complex process of managing large volumes of data easier and presents the results in a comprehensive, easy-to-understand format that meets regulatory requirements.

6. Can BNGAI™ help reduce operational sustainability costs?

BNGAI™ has been proven to reduce operational sustainability costs by up to 75%. By leveraging AI and satellite technology, it allows for the assessment of 100% of sites in just a matter of days, not months, making it a highly cost-effective solution for managing BNG goals.

7. Is BNGAI™ trusted by companies for BNG management?

Absolutely. BNGAI™ is trusted by over 150 companies for managing and exceeding their BNG goals. It offers a comprehensive, data-driven solution that is increasingly being recognised as the future of sustainable land development.

8. How does BNGAI™ fit into the requirements of the UK’s Environment Act 2021?

The Environment Act 2021 sets out a requirement for development projects to achieve BNG. BNGAI™ provides the tools necessary to plan, implement, assess, monitor, and report BNG, thereby helping companies meet this act’s requirements effectively.

9. Can BNGAI™ be used for projects outside of the UK?

Yes, BNGAI™ can be used globally for BNG planning and implementation. While it aligns with the requirements of the UK’s Environment Act 2021, it can be equally effective in aiding biodiversity enhancement as per other international and national regulations and guidelines.