Our company

Helping core industries solve their biggest challenges with satellite technology and AI


About AiDash

AiDash uses high-resolution, multispectral imagery and SAR data from the world’s leading satellite constellations for our proprietary AI models which facilitate timely predictions for efficient asset operations and maintenance activities. Our application also enables industries to plan and prioritize the completion and audit of O&M activities effectively.

Our Vision
Intelligence in action

We want to demystify Artificial Intelligence for core industries. This is what keeps us awake at night. We believe in AI with a purpose; AI with human at its core, Intelligence that’s action-oriented, solves complex problems and outperforms the expectations of our customers.

Our Mission

No Outages, No Wildfires

At AiDash, we want to turn this dream into reality for our customers. We know how challenging it has been to predict hazards and prevent outages, and in worst cases wildfires, causing immense damage to human life and property. A big part of our research and work is focused around this.

A Safer, Greener Earth

Climate change is affecting the world. Trees are valuable to us. In line with the above goal, we’re determined to save trees that are often felled or lost in wildfires due to inefficient vegetation management. We want to use our technology to ensure our Earth is greener, safer and sustainable.

AI and Human Connect

Even though AI can aid better decision-making, accuracy and do so much more, it is often scrutinized for being heavily dependent on machines. AiDash wants to bridge this gap. We lay emphasis on human connect throughout the process. By implementing and executing AI at machine-scale and offering constant human support, we aim to help organizations solve complex asset management problems.

Let your mission be ours too

Technology does not have to challenge or uproot legacy systems. AiDash believes it can seamlessly integrate with your organization’s philosophy, data sets and tools. This will enable analytical thinking and a scientific edge to solving your problems. It’s time to take your business to the next level by combining satellite intelligence with ground truth.