Why Companies Need To Start Quantifying Their Efforts Around Carbon


If carbon credits are going to be a part of your net-zero strategy, it makes sense to invest wisely, according to a recent Forbes article. 

Controversy has followed some less-than-effective carbon credit options. Corporate purchasers have been accused of “greenwashing” or pretending to move toward net zero with carbon credits rather than truly mitigating the carbon in the atmosphere that they produce.  

The Forbes article considered the state of the carbon credit market and the thoughts of 500 sustainability officers, worldwide, who participated in an AiDash survey on the subject. While the survey respondents acknowledged that they would not be able to meet their net-zero targets without using carbon credits, they were hesitant. Almost half — 41% — said they don’t trust and therefore don’t use carbon offsetting. 

Organizations that are “serious about sustainability” will need to quantify their carbon efforts, according to the Forbes article: They need a clear picture of exactly what emissions they are producing, what amounts they can sequester on their own, and the amounts they may need to offset.  

Because satellite technology can monitor large and small areas of land for moisture, carbon, and other activities, at scale, it is “critical to solve this situation,” according to AiDash VP for EMEA, Sashin Mishra.