Track hurricanes with satellites and AI to respond and recover faster, says AiDash CEO in GW Prime article


With forecasters at NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center, a division of the National Weather Service, predicting above-average hurricane activity in 2022 — for the 7th season in a row — now is the time look to solutions that create resiliency.

In a recent GW Prime article, AiDash CEO Abhishek Singh discusses how the company’s satellite imagery and AI based solutions can help mitigate the effects of hurricanes, which cost, on average, about US$20.5 billion per event. AiDash can help improve community response before, during, and after any major storms:

  • Put satellites and AI to work before the storm causes damage: Identify high-impact areas, where storm damage is likely to be extensive. Are evacuations needed?
  • Track progress of the storm: Where is it hitting hardest? Where is urgent response needed?
  • Measure the extent of damage after the storm in near real time: Prioritize actions to speed rescue, recovery, and repair — 30% faster according to AiDash customers. Collaborate with government officials using satellite-collected data.