How can electric utilities be better prepared for impending calamities in 2021?


2020 was the most active hurricane season in terms of tropical depressions and named storms. A record-setting wildfire season was also recorded for the state of California and the United States as a whole. Soon after the hurricane and wildfire seasons ended, winter storms swept through the north-eastern US, breaking records in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and New York, affecting 60 million people due to large-scale power outages. 

Electric utilities were one of the most hard-hit industries as they witnessed damage to infrastructure, impacting reliability, vegetation-related outages, massive post-restoration work and customer dissatisfaction.

While preventing natural disasters is not possible, electric utilities can and must be well-prepared for disasters and disruptions. To help utilities better prepare for impending disasters, AiDash — a San Francisco Bay Area-based AI-first SaaS company — has upgraded its satellite and AI-powered remote monitoring and survey model that specifically caters to this need.

AiDash Remote Monitoring & Survey System has been designed to automate routine monitoring, surveying and inspection of infrastructure and vegetation around it. This model uses cutting-edge AI technology to process high-resolution multispectral satellite imagery and enables utilities to strategically and remotely monitor their assets via a web dashboard and mobile app.

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