Press Release

AiDash incorporates in UK to expedite growth in new markets

Kelsie Anderson

Expands satellite- and AI-powered platform in UK in efforts to continue its mission to globalize sustainability management and mitigate climate change

Why London?

This expansion comes on heels of the launch of our new platform, the Intelligent Sustainability Management System (ISMS), which we launched at COP26 with National Grid, a leading energy provider and existing UK customer.

AiDash aims to be the global leader in satellite-powered sustainability management, vegetation management, and remote monitoring and survey offerings. Our UK incorporation will allow us to better serve the customers we already have in the UK and European markets.

Countries around the globe are in the process of rolling out environmental legislation to curb the impacts of climate change. This new office will also allow AiDash to be a better resource for eco-conscious organizations looking to improve their sustainable land management practices.

Follow our expansion journey

New offices and an expanding market mean we’re hiring. Check out our careers page to see if there’s an opening that fits your skill set.

And you can learn more about our UK incorporation by checking out our full press release.