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AiDash Named to Forbes Best Startup Employers 2023 List


Prestigious award recognizes AiDash for employee satisfaction, reputation, and growth, ranking the company 37th on the list of 500 startups and 9th among technology companies 

San Jose, Calif, March 28, 2023 – AiDash has been awarded on the Forbes list of Best Startup Employers 2023. This prestigious award is presented by Forbes and Statista Inc., the world-leading statistics portal and industry ranking provider. The awards list was announced on March 7, 2023, and can currently be viewed on the Forbes website. 

Best Startup Employers were selected after examining best performing startups as an employer through defined KPI’s to guide potential candidates in finding innovative and stable startups to work for. The detailed evaluation of AiDash was based on 3 different criteria: 

·       Employee Satisfaction: Measured through employees’ retention and reviews on the employer brand. 

·       Employer Reputation: Company-specific, algorithm-based, text analysis that was categorized as positive, neutral, or negative was extracted from social media channels such as news sites, micro-blogs, blogs, and social networks. 

·       Company Growth: Comprehensive evaluations of website traffic, headcount growth rates, and job openings. 

Companies considered in the evaluation must have headquarters in the U.S., be founded between the years 2013 and 2020, employ at least 50 people, and exhibit a startup structure. The final list recognizes the top 500 companies based on the analysis of over 7 million data points with over 11,000 companies.  

“Climate technology with satellites and AI is challenging, but the rewards of creating a greener, cleaner, safer planet are greater,” said Abhishek Singh, co-founder, and CEO of AiDash. “We are thrilled to be recognized on the Forbes list of Best Startup Employers 2023 for our dedication to a fruitful, positive, work environment for all of us at AiDash.” 

About AiDash 

AiDash is an AI-first vertical SaaS company on a mission to transform operations, maintenance, and sustainability in industries with geographically distributed assets by using satellites and AI at scale. With access to a continual, near real-time stream of critical data, utilities, energy, mining, and other core industries can make more informed decisions and build optimized long-term plans, all while reducing costs, improving reliability, and achieving sustainability goals. To learn more about how AiDash is helping core industries become more resilient, efficient, and sustainable, visit