KCBS radio’s Megan Crosby reviews California wildfire threats with AiDash CEO


With the threat of wildfires looming large in an ever-lengthening California wildfire season, KCBS radio’s Megan Goldsby spoke with AiDash Co-founder and CEO Abhishek Singh to see what’s ahead for the Golden State in 2023. 

Already, predictions AiDash made this spring identifying the top 10 California counties at risk of wildfire in 2023 have been confirmed. The state has experienced wildfires in both Riverside and Tehama counties. The other 8 counties named as highest risk included Ventura, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, San Diego, Glenn, Colusa, Yolo, and Siskiyou. 

Northern California may have time for a small sigh of relief as AiDash satellite and AI findings found only 4 counties north of the San Francisco Bay Area at high risk. None of the 4 counties have experienced fires this season, as of KCBS’s interview with Singh. 

What the satellite sees 

AiDash combines the remote imagery that satellites deliver with AI-powered analysis in its Intelligent Vegetation Management Solution (IVMS). This innovative solution can then identify risk factors, such as areas where brush and trees have grown near power lines, and predict how quickly further growth could occur, based on vegetation thickness and internal moisture levels. 

While other technologies may gather similar information, Singh explained that AiDash is able to release more frequent updates — a crucial capability in the midst of climate change that has wreaked havoc on many typical weather patterns. 

What about the rain? 

There was unusually high rainfall throughout California this spring. Is it helping to mitigate wildfires? Yes and no. 

According to Singh, there is still so much moisture [especially] in Northern California that IVMS risk models show a more mild wildfire season.  

But complacency is not advised. More rain means more growth and more vegetation that will dry into kindling during rain-free summer and early fall months.  

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For more information about satellite and AI powered solutions, read our white paper: “Fighting wildfire with technology: How best practice, technology, and new strategies combine to mitigate risk.”