Is AI the next game changer in asset management?


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a concept that has held mankind’s attention and imagination for the better part of the last century. It has long been a dream for humans to create machines that can take decisions on their own. This dream is now a reality with the recent developments in the co-related fields of machine learning, deep learning and AI, which have been revolutionizing everything around us.

We now have applications for asset operations that run on AI, do our part of the thinking and produce results that surpass the current standards of efficiency and productivity.

Asset heavy industries often find it hard to manage their assets throughout their life cycles and workflows as it is an arduous task to keep track of every asset, their performance and maintenance. Such organizations use a multitude of physical equipment, machines, linear assets, vehicles, tools, and more. AI is the latest technology solution that has entered the IT landscape, with software and applications that are created exclusively to solve this problem for large-scale enterprises and asset intensive industries.

At AIDASH, we have created a comprehensive AI platform to cater to the varying needs of our clients. A lot of our AI-based products can be easily integrated with your existing applications, thus making the entire process seamless and secure for you.

Why use an AI-powered asset management tool?

•    Easier to plan and control company assets

AI provides insights about operations, effectiveness and the condition of all your enterprise assets, which makes it easier to plan and control their operations. With an AI-powered asset management tool, enterprises can easily transfer product configurations and customizations throughout the entire lifecycle of a product.

Moreover, workflow implementation and business automation become smoother and simpler with this system. At AIDASH, we focus on making the entire asset management process seamless and highly customizable for enterprises. Therefore, we make sure that our software is easy to integrate with your enterprise applications and can be run simultaneously with your business flows and framework applications.

•    Facilitates decision-making in enterprises

An AI-powered tool can help preserve existing investments for an enterprise and can also deliver a significant return on investment relatively quickly. It leads to labor and inventory cost reduction in addition to a remarkable reduction in time lost to equipment failure. More than just maintaining plants and equipment, EAM collects data and generates reports to support better enterprise-wide decision making.

•    Easy to configure and integrate

AiDash Asset Management system is highly configurable and extremely rich in features and functionalities. It can be integrated with any external system as it is application-based and therefore easy to integrate.

Bottom line

Managing assets is a vital step in the working of any enterprise. With adequate asset management, an enterprise can see a substantial reduction in costs and a greater return on investments. Integrating intelligent AM tools is the need of the hour for enterprises as it gives way for a comprehensive ecosystem between partners spanning technology and service providers to unleash unmatched capabilities.