Supercharge operations and maintenance for utilities with AI

Reduce costs and improve reliability by monitoring assets for vegetation management and right of way encroachments.

Why focus on vegetation management?

Vegetation management is often the single-largest line item, exceeding $100 million, in annual operating budgets of many larger utilities. It has also been one of the biggest and most complex challenges for this industry. Inefficiencies in predicting and preventing hazards have caused massive losses to several utilities. Here’s why:

Traditional approach

Most utilities still follow traditional, manual processes, like yearly surveys for data collection, scheduled inspection cycles and reactive and ad-hoc maintenance.

Unintelligent decision-making

Limited data sources, no technology to predict hazardous situations and inability to prioritize tasks optimally leads to unintelligent decision-making.

No visibility

There’s a clear lack of visibility on the asset operations and maintenance as well as field service management in this legacy approach.

Envisioning modern asset management: Combining satellite intelligence with ground truth

AiDash offers full-stack solutions for asset management with the help of Artificial Intelligence – the future of technology. We provide in-depth monitoring of transmission and power lines and right of way encroachments from space with the help of high-resolution satellite imagery.

On the ground, our products – AiDash web dashboard and mobile app – can be used by field agents to take the right decisions and be proactive about mitigating potential risks.

We not only detect vegetation alongside the network to prevent potential threats but offer complete data analysis for yearly maintenance and more. By automating decision-making, we can help utilities cut down O&M costs massively.  

  1. The power of data

    Utilities need real-time data to help them predict problematic vegetation, assess high-risk areas and identify other risks to their networks. AiDash uses high-resolution multispectral and SAR satellite imagery coupled with groundbreaking AI models to monitor and survey vegetation hazards, RoW encroachments, wildfire risks and weather-related damage remotely.  


  2. Full visibility

    The data collected is used to make informed decisions and prevent any risks along our networks. Get complete digital visibility of distributed assets on a control panel which provides details and health for planning all O&M activities.


  3. Fully secure

    We work on digital trust and safety, which means your data remains completely safe, secure and confidential with us.