Fueling asset management innovation for core industries with space intelligence

Traditional industries with geographically distributed assets need steadfast O&M powered by AI-first technology. Our highly customized solutions provide intelligent, data-agnostic algorithms aimed at solving complex industry-specific problems.


AiDash wants to make
‘No outages, No wildfires’
the reality for utilities across the country.
Powered by a robust AI platform, our
deep-domain products can help you
transform assets and vegetation management.


There is a continued trend
towards automation in the
energy industry. Our
intelligent asset management
products can impact life-cycle
planning, costing, maintenance,
operations, performance,
and more.


Distributed assets in the
roads and railroads industry
are vulnerable to natural hazards.
This not only increases the
costs for maintenance but
pose major risks too. Optimize
asset O&M for your industry
with AiDash.

Water & Wastewater

Manage infrastructure capital
assets like pumps, motors,
pipes, and more, for water
and wastewater utilities. This
will help minimize the total
cost of owning and operating
assets while delivering the
desired service levels.


With AiDash remote survey
products, the mining industry
can go from reactive to
predictive maintenance
strategies, avoiding unnecessary
maintenance and reducing
operating costs.


AiDash empowers construction
industries to manage their
heavy equipment fleets
more efficiently by optimizing
overall performance,
improving management and
safety for equipment and crews.