Comply with the Environment Act 2021

LPAs use AiDash’s pro-bono solution to execute local nature recovery strategies, manage BNG applications, and comply with regulations – all without having to scale your team or budget.

The clock is ticking for the Environment Act deadline.

How is your local planning authority going to comply when budget and ecological resources simply aren’t enough to maintain BNG on every project, for 30 years? Defra’s study shows alarming deficiencies within LPAs:

LPAs have inadequate resources to manage BNG applications.
LPAs cannot deliver on mandated biodiversity-net-gain goals.
LPAs lack proper ecological qualifications and training.
Local planning authorities are tasked with the impossible right now.
Manage BNG applications on every development project. Create and enforce local nature recovery strategies. Baseline, verify, and report on progress for 30 years. Manual methods aren’t going to keep you in compliance.
The slow way
The fast way

LPAs use AiDash to ensure Environment Act compliance, scale LNRS, and get more done without needing more resources.

  • Baselining
  • Planning
  • Reporting
  • Monitoring

(Mostly) Automated biodiversity baselines

Identify habitats and apply the Defra metrics for an accurate biodiversity calculation, across all projects at once.

  • More effective and efficient than sending ecologists out to every project site.
  • Continuously updated to the latest BNG metrics so you can rest easy.
  • Satellites and AI baseline massive areas of land nearly instantaneously.

AI-powered BNG planning workflows

Be confident that your local nature recovery strategies are being properly executed by developers.

  • One platform to track and manage all of your BNG applications.
  • Create an automated workflow to ensure all stakeholders are kept in the loop and ready to deliver.
  • Automatically calculates environmental values and predicts future base scenarios so you can stay on target.

Streamlined compliance reporting

Submit progress reports to Defra and Natural England to ensure compliance, at the press of a button.

  • Quickly consolidate development progress reports into a regional overview report.
  • Automatically updated to the latest compliance standards.
  • An end-to-end workflow to track, manage, and submit compliance reports over the 30-year monitoring window.

Continuous environmental monitoring

Never worry again about how to prove results on every project. During every assessment window. For 30 years.

  • Ongoing biodiversity measurement to get data-driven evidence of BNG progress.
  • Automated scans to ensure continuous alignment with your LNRS.
  • Workflows to automatically notify stakeholders of any changes to the plan.

Don’t wait for the Environment Act deadline to pass.

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