How emerging technologies are enabling vegetation management

This month, AiDash partnered with DISTRIBUTECH+ Series for their Grid Resiliency: Planning and Response Event for an insightful webinar session. As disasters take a toll over utility infrastructure due to climate change, now is just the right time for power utilities to make use of technology and innovation to transform the way vegetation management works.

During the live webinar session on November 13, our speakers — Bradley Smith, Sr. Director of Sales and Operations and Nitin Das, co-founder and Chief AI Officer — spoke at length on “Emerging Technologies Enabling Modern Vegetation Management”. They shared tried and tested use cases and a detailed walkthrough of the groundbreaking technologies that can help utilities improve system reliability and reduce vegetation management costs, in addition to simplifying the process and making it more efficient. Watch excerpts of the session in the video below:

You can also watch the entire session on-demand by registering on DISTRIBUTECH+ and clicking here.