Proud to complete SOC 2 audit


Our SOC 2 press release is just the outward sign of a huge milestone for our company. As CTO and Co-Founder, I can’t tell you how proud I am of our engineering teams and our company. The SOC 2 achievement means that we have built our organization, our processes, and our product in just the right way.

And you are the winner. The ability for core industries, such as utility, energy, transportation, water and wastewater, to use satellites and AI to improve their business requires trust in the data. SOC 2 is proven confirmation that you can trust how AiDash systems use data.

Let me explain.

SOC 2, if you haven’t heard of it before, is an official audit by a licensed certified public accountant (CPA) designed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. The SOC initials stand for System and Organizational Controls. Simply put, SOC 2 measures the company’s controls for properly managing customer data in the cloud.

Often the audit examines security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy, which CPAs call “trust services.” As with many companies, our evaluation was for the first four and not for privacy because our products and systems never touch personally identifiable information (PII).

Here’s what our SOC 2 audit means to you:

  • Security: We prevent unauthorized access to your data and we protect against system failure.
  • Availability: We monitor our system’s availability and conduct prompt maintenance to minimize downtime.
  • Processing integrity: You can trust that the system performs without error or manipulations and its data is accurate.
  • Confidentiality: We keep your data confidential and share it only with parties you’ve authorized and who have proper permissions.

As you can imagine, the SOC 2 audit is comprehensive. And it’s vital for us and our customers as our AI- and satellite-powered systems are designed for a broad array of industries in so many countries around the world. As I mentioned, we are proud to achieve this standard. We are even more proud to show that our products stand up to such outside scrutiny.

Now it’s your turn. Go ahead and scrutinize our products yourself. We’ve always known that our products will meet and exceed your needs by helping you manage your operations, maintenance and sustainability. Now you have outside confirmation that AiDash products already manage your data exceedingly well.