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As the CTO and co-founder of AiDash, Rahul leads operations and works closely with the product and engineering teams. An IIT-Delhi alumnus and a serial entrepreneur himself, Rahul brings with him deep-domain expertise in technology, product development and engineering. He is driven by a passion for problem-solving and maximizing efficiency through Artificial Intelligence technology.

Proud To Complete SOC 2 Audit

23rd May, 22

Satellite Analytics: Transforming Vegetation Management for Electric Utilities

24th May, 21

As the resolution of satellite imagery increases along with the breadth and accuracy of analytics capabilities, the range of opportunities provided by remote sensing in utilities and oil & gas industries continue to rise too. Many tasks carried out by manual inspections, Earth-based sensors, or even imaging from helicopters may become obsolete.

Four major reasons why the pipeline industry needs satellites to prevent leaks

15th Dec, 20

The safety and reliability of pipelines transporting oil and gas particularly natural gas transmission pipelines, have been under constant public scrutiny in recent years. This has led to it becoming an important and controversial issue for the general public, especially the customers.

In the eye of the storm: How can utilities mitigate risks and be more resilient?

28th Oct, 20

Storms, cyclones and hurricanes have been associated with destruction, causing immense damage to life and property and leaving behind trails of wreckage. But over the last decades, storms have been particularly catastrophic to utilities, causing widespread power outages and damaging utility infrastructure, resulting in losses worth billions of dollars and several months of restoration work. What’s more? Climate change is likely to make tropical cyclones more intense, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has warned. 

Wildfire mitigation with satellite-powered vegetation management

7th Aug, 20

Over the past decade, some big power utilities in the nation have been pushed to the brink of bankruptcy after wildfires caused massive destruction to life and property. There is enough evidence that some wildfires have been triggered by power lines themselves.

How AiDash transformed Vegetation Management for a Fortune 500 company

9th Mar, 20

Managing vegetation effectively to maintain system reliability continues to be a major challenge for power utilities, especially when you are a Fortune 500 utility company with distribution lines spanning over 50,000 miles.

Why is NOW the right time to adopt AI-driven Vegetation Management?

10th Feb, 20

There’s one big question that core industries with geographically distributed assets are constantly asking - How do we prevent vegetation encroachment incidents without a constant dependence on manual checking and reporting?

Can Artificial Intelligence Cut Down the Risk of Wildfire and Power Outage?

8th Dec, 19

According to the National Interagency Fire Center, there were 46,706 wildfires in the United States of America in the period between January 1 to November 22, 2019, compared with 52,080 wildfires in the same period in 2018. Wildfires and the subsequent power outages caused by them are one of the biggest menaces facing modern America.

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