AiDash chosen in Global Top 100 Geospatial Companies


We are proud to reveal that AiDash is one of the top 100 geospatial companies in the world. A committee of experts at Geoawesomeness reviewed more than 800 candidates and selected AiDash along with other notable geospatial firms, such as Google, esri, and Uber.

AiDash develops trailblazing, geospatial, computer-vision, and artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) models that are trained continuously on millions of data points across different data types, customers, and geographies.

We are an AI-first vertical SaaS company on a mission to transform operations, maintenance, and sustainability in industries with geographically distributed assets by using satellites and AI at scale. With access to a continual, near real-time stream of critical data, utilities, energy, mining, and other core industries can make more informed decisions and build optimized long-term plans, all while reducing costs, improving reliability, and achieving sustainability goals.

AiDash has also been a technical committee member of the Open Geospatial Consortium since March 2021, working with that global forum of experts to establish geospatial standards.

Geoawesomeness is a community-driven, 100,000-member organization whose mission is to build an open and inclusive platform to bring together geospatial experts. Their annual list compiled since 2016 is an essential source of information about companies that are utilizing geospatial data and tools to solve problems.