Wildfires in the US: Are utilities equipped with a remote monitoring and survey plan?


Wildfires have set California ablaze again this year with 4,465 fires reported up until July 26. As this year’s wildfire season seems exceedingly threatening, power utilities are on the edge, trying different measures for wildfire mitigation. But are they on the right track?

Ramping up vegetation management and equipment inspections remain two of the most important measures towards wildfire mitigation planning. To help utilities better manage their operations and maintenance remotely, AiDash — a San Francisco Bay Area-based AI-first SaaS company — has been working on a satellite and AI-powered model that specifically caters to this need.

Our novel platform — Remote Monitoring and Inspection — has been designed to automate routine asset monitoring, inspection and audit tasks. This platform uses cutting-edge AI technology to process high-resolution multispectral satellite imagery and enables utilities to strategically and remotely monitor their assets via a web dashboard and mobile app.

“There is an increased pressure on utilities to improve fire mitigation plans to reduce the risk that utility infrastructure might cause another catastrophic wildfire. That’s why utilities need complete visibility of operations and the ability to remotely monitor, inspect and audit asset maintenance activities. This process is not only humanless and more efficient but also drives major cost savings,” said Rahul Saxena, CTO of AiDash.

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