AiDash launches Intelligent Vegetation Management System at DistribuTech 2020


San Francisco Bay Area-based technology company AiDash is set to launch its new product for the power utility industry — the AiDash Intelligent Vegetation Management System (IVMS), at DistribuTech 2020 in San Antonio, TX. IVMS combines high-resolution multispectral satellite data and AI technology to provide real-time actionable insights and automates Vegetation Management operations for power utilities. This is the first in our line of disruptive products that aim to transform asset management and operations for core industries with geographically distributed assets.

“There is an urgent need for utility companies to find the right AI-based solution for Utility Vegetation Management. Our product has helped power utilities reduce 20% in their vegetation management costs while improving reliability by 15%”, said Abhishek Vinod Singh, CEO of AiDash.

“We have a deep understanding of the utility industry and offer a SaaS product that addresses an age-old industry pain point. IVMS helps curb down instances of avoidable loss, whether it’s wildfires or power outages caused by inefficient vegetation management.”

IVMS is built on the AiDash platform that utilizes geospatial information from high-resolution multispectral satellite imagery combined with ground data to effectively plan trim cycle and hazard tree management. The app detects clearance, dimensions, species and geo-location of vegetation growing alongside the Right of Way of T&D networks. The system AI then calculates the impact of not clearing the vegetation hazard and probability score of potential disruption, thus allowing ground operators to work in a prioritized and intelligent manner.

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