Infrastructure and asset management in the telecom industry is about to witness a change with the arrival of 5G. Gain full control over your distributed assets with AiDash.

The advent of 5G beckons intelligent asset O&M

The introduction of 5G infrastructure will lead to network densification of assets with macro-cells and small-cells. This hyper-dense deployment of assets is set pose a huge challenge in terms of asset operation and management for the telecom industry. 

From existing 4 million cell sites for 4G to the impending boom of 400+ million cell sites for 5G, the risks involved will multiply. Traditional methods of asset O&M will not suffice. It’s time to adopt a revolutionary and intelligent method of asset management. AiDash is here to take your asset O&M to the next level with our AI-first solutions. Find out how. 

Introducing asset monitoring via satellite with full control on ground

AiDash offers full-stack solutions for asset management with the help of Artificial Intelligence – the future of technology.     
We provide in-depth monitoring of cell sites and towers  from space with the help of geospatial imagery. On the ground, our products –  AiDash web dashboard and mobile app – can be used by field agents to take the right decisions and be proactive about mitigating potential risks.  

  1. The power of data

    Telecoms need real-time data to help them predict problematic vegetation, assess high-risk areas and identify other risks to their networks. AiDash uses high-resolution multispectral and SAR satellite imagery coupled with groundbreaking AI models to monitor and survey vegetation hazards, RoW encroachments and weather-related damage remotely.


  2. Full visibility

    The data collected is used to make informed decisions and prevent any risks along our networks. Get complete digital visibility of distributed assets on a control panel which provides details and health for planning all O&M activities.


  3. Fully secure

    We work on digital trust and safety, which means your data remains completely safe, secure and confidential with us.