Earth Observation: Why is it an Effective Tool for Utility Vegetation Management?

29th Jun, 21

Quick, think of one way you can reimagine vegetation management for the utility industry. How about having the power to see the entire T&D network and the vegetation around it remotely? Add to that a perspective that allows utility vegetation management (UVM) experts to view their network from a higher vantage point. Not only does it offer 360-degree visibility of their network, but it also allows them to scale their O&M like never before. 

Tech Trend: Heralding the future of Vegetation Management

16th Mar, 21

Managing vegetation is serious business. Vegetation management has long been an indispensable part of O&M activities for utilities due to its far-reaching implications. In fact, most utility funding and resources are for managing vegetation around distribution lines. Utilities spend millions of dollars each year on vegetation management. According to an article, globally, electric utilities are expected to spend over $13 billion a year on drones and robotics by 2026, a dramatic increase from about $2 billion currently.

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