Five Steps for Faster Utility Storm Response

29th Jun, 22

The quest for all electric utilities is simple. Keep the lights on for the communities you serve.


Getting that done, however, is anything but simple.


A Guide To Grid Hardening: How To Protect Your Utility Grid

29th Jun, 22

Weather is a constant challenge for utilities.  


And while you’ll never win the war with Nature, there are actions you should be doing to protect, or harden, your grid when the inevitable hurricane, wildfire, or ice storm strikes.  

Proud To Complete SOC 2 Audit

23rd May, 22

Your Top 5 Critical Decisions Before Wildfire Season

19th May, 22

Avista talks with AiDash in a T&D World webinar 

Our fear of fire goes back to the dawn of time. And our skepticism of the unfamiliar goes almost as far. Oddly, new advances in satellite imagery and artificial intelligence are our best defenses against our old enemy, fire. It’s our best defense against the wildfires sparked by transmission and distribution lines — that disrupt service to millions, and tragically cost some their very lives.  


Earth Day: Take Only Pictures, Leave Only Footprints

25th Apr, 22

5 reasons why power utilities are struggling to optimize vegetation management

23rd Feb, 22

Weather-related blackouts due to fallen trees have become a norm in the United States. Customers across the country have faced this ordeal on a regular basis and so have power restoration workers.


Weather-related power outages due to vegetation risks and hazards have been a constant challenge for power utilities. Power utilities have worked relentlessly to ensure vegetation-related outages can be avoided, but it’s never been an easy task to achieve. 

6 Vegetation Management Trends We Saw at Trees & Utilities 2021

8th Nov, 21

The AiDash team recently took a trip out to Minneapolis for the Utility Arborist Association’s (UAA) Trees and Utilities 2021 conference. During the three days of the conference, we met arborists, vegetation managers, and utility industry professionals who are experts in the field of vegetation management.

Since one aim of the conference was knowledge sharing, we wanted to share some of what we learned while we were there.

6 reasons why utilities need satellites to fight billion-dollar weather events and disasters

3rd Aug, 21

What can governments, enterprises, and technology providers do with a few billion dollars? Make massive strides in socio-economic and scientific advancement, you’d say. But today, years of economic development have come undone as climate change and disasters wreak havoc in the United States. 

Satellite vs LiDAR: Which Technology is the Future of Vegetation Management?

1st Jul, 21

Did you know that the practice of Utility Vegetation Management (UVM) is over 100 years old? The evolution of UVM has not happened overnight and several technologies have aided and enhanced this practice over time. UVM practitioners have utilized a variety of data to both optimize and streamline budgeting, planning, prioritization, and risk aversion.

Texas winter storms and power outages: Could utilities be better prepared?

18th Feb, 21

The US has been an unwilling host to a wide range of weather-related disaster events in the recent past. Disasters often hit the land and power utilities are at the receiving end of it, having to clean up the mess. One of the direct consequences of human-induced climate change is extreme temperature conditions. Experts suggest that global warming and climate change will bring about more disaster events with far-reaching consequences in the near future. Last year, utility companies faced losses worth 51.146 billion USD in revenue owing to overall damages.

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