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Robert Warwick is an ISA Board Certified Master Arborist and a former Senior Vegetation Program Manager with PG&E. He has a passion for the environment and for improving society’s interaction with the planet. He pursues the integration of technology and data with climate technology as the best way for utilities to meet the conflicting needs of budget, risk, and personnel.

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Danger and Hazard Trees: How Climate Change and Invasive Species Impact Tree Health

5th Aug, 22

Electric Utilities Can Look to Climate Technology for Help

2021 was California’s second driest year, ever. And this isn’t an isolated stat. The impact of climate change is felt globally.  


3 Steps To Lower the Risk of Hazard Trees for Electric Utilities

14th Jul, 22
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Let’s get ahead of the hazard tree problem.  

What we’ve always done isn’t enough anymore. Budgets are shrinking, tree health is falling, and the hazards are, well, more hazardous.  

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