An experienced and passionate leader focused on scaling innovative solutions into successful applications within the utility industry, Jordan Jozak is the Sr. Manager of Business Development & Customer Success at AiDash. He is also the Vice-President of the NYS ISA Arborist’s Chapter and Chairman of the Utility Arborist’s Associations Workforce Retention Taskforce.

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Webinar: Satellite Powered Vegetation Management: Entergy’s Journey to Success

9th May, 22

Satellite vs LiDAR: Which Technology is the Future of Vegetation Management?

1st Jul, 21

Did you know that the practice of Utility Vegetation Management (UVM) is over 100 years old? The evolution of UVM has not happened overnight and several technologies have aided and enhanced this practice over time. UVM practitioners have utilized a variety of data to both optimize and streamline budgeting, planning, prioritization, and risk aversion.

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