Andrew Montgomery is the Senior Engagement Manager at AiDash. He has a background in electrical and computer engineering but has spent his career in Professional Services and Sales. With a proven track record in problem-solving, Andrew has been leading teams to diversify large companies and incubate small companies toward sustained growth. He is experienced in management, strategy, sales, consulting and technology implementations, including SaaS and cloud-based software, automated test systems, control systems, and manufacturing systems. Andrew is a leader with excellent problem-solving skills and strong emotional intelligence. 

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6 reasons why utilities need satellites to fight billion-dollar weather events and disasters

3rd Aug, 21

What can governments, enterprises, and technology providers do with a few billion dollars? Make massive strides in socio-economic and scientific advancement, you’d say. But today, years of economic development have come undone as climate change and disasters wreak havoc in the United States. 

Tech Trend: Heralding the future of Vegetation Management

16th Mar, 21

Managing vegetation is serious business. Vegetation management has long been an indispensable part of O&M activities for utilities due to its far-reaching implications. In fact, most utility funding and resources are for managing vegetation around distribution lines. Utilities spend millions of dollars each year on vegetation management. According to an article, globally, electric utilities are expected to spend over $13 billion a year on drones and robotics by 2026, a dramatic increase from about $2 billion currently.

Vegetation Management Best Practices 2021: An E-book

25th Feb, 21

Power companies are in business to provide safe, reliable and affordable electric service to their customers 24/7. But this wasn't so easy in 2020, after all. 2020 proved to be one of the most devastating and challenging years in history for power utilities – with disasters and large-scale weather events tearing through utility infrastructure, causing massive outages and impacting resiliency.

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