Asset Cockpit

Gain complete control over your distributed assets and manage them seamlessly via a centralized AI-powered dashboard.

Manage assets spread across thousands of miles on a unified platform

One of the biggest problems for core industries is the lack of an end-to-end solution to address their asset management needs. When you have hundreds of assets spread over thousands of miles, there’s a critical need to tap into the latest technologies to ensure that they’re performing optimally.

Simplify your O&M activities with Asset Cockpit

AiDash Intelligent Asset Cockpit is a holistic solution that aims to address the unique needs of core industries with geographically distributed assets. The system collects data from multiple vantage points, including satellite data and ground reports, and stores it all in the cockpit’s centralized database. This offers real-time visibility and greater control over asset maintenance and management. 

Intelligent Inspection

Trim Cycle Vegetation Management

Hazard Removal

Digital Contractor Marketplace

Optimized Capital Allocation

Field Workforce Dispatch & Deployment

Impact Prediction of Asset Disruption

Predictive Asset Maintenance

Performance Measurement Dashboard

What makes Asset Cockpit unique?

  • Smarter planning with accurate data
    Planning and strategy becomes more data-driven as actionable insights are collected on the ground and become an integral part of the system

  • Role-based access to employees for better cohesion
    Access can be defined based on role, so that each level of employee has access to the relevant information they need to work better

  • Intelligent suggestions based on historical data
    Intelligent Asset Cockpit uses historic data to offer intelligent suggestions that will change your operations approach from reactive to proactive

  • Enables operational cross-optimization
    AiDash Intelligent Asset Cockpit unifies all information to enable better cross-optimization of processes between different types of operations

Are you ready to transform your operations and maintenance activities?